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As you have probably heard....

WG are THE business supplies people. We continue to save money for many businesses (across a range of industries in both public and private sector) on office supplies, PPE, furniture and much more. We provide a first class service from expert account managers with refined experience to assist your business.

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Are you spending too much on your business supplies?

Our business supplies audit has proven to be easy and quick to implement with consistent results to make our clients’ spend more effective – whatever industry you work in

Why not call us and see if we can help your business today? WG developed our modern business audit in 2012 and has since saved hundreds of companies across multiple sectors thousands each year by identifying overpriced or underused business supplies & services. Using our 47 years of industry experience, we are quickly able to work with our partners to demonstrate meaningful savings and areas of waste.

We can help control your costs and tailor our solutions to your business services and office supplies spend. Remember, one supply partner means better efficiency and only one consolidated invoice to reconcile and pay.


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Meet Sarah

Sarah has successfully worked in the business supplies and services industry for 15 years. This experience offers our clients an understanding of bespoke service delivery to multinationals and private businesses alike.
Text SARAH to 88802 to find out more now about how her team can assist your business today.

WG For Business: An Institutional Recommendation

Hi Darran

I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you to you and your team for the help and support that you have given to Cadent Gas over the past couple of weeks in supplying us with essential product for our workforce.

At Cadent, we play a critical role in keeping millions of customers within the UK safe and warm, and in particular our teams that provide emergency response to gas escapes. This is an essential service and one we have to keep providing however challenging an environment we find ourselves in.

The situation we find ourselves in at the moment with Covid 19 is an unprecedented challenge and it is important that we provide our engineers with the protection and tools they need to continue to keep themselves safe as well as our customers.

The equipment that you have provided us with has been really important in us being able to do this and Carole tells me that your speed of response in supplying us with some of the harder to find items and willingness to pull out all the stops to get them to us as quickly as possible has been fantastic.

So, on behalf of Carole, myself and Cadent thank you for your help in keeping our customers safe and warm.

Best Regards

Total Printing Services

We offer our customers both the leading tech in print and digital solutions tailored to your business.


In over 40 years of trading our team have adapted to and meet the needs of thousands of businesses large and small.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

WG takes great pride in our business practices and procedures and takes its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.


We can store any business products, furniture or surplus stock at our warehouse in Crayford, Kent.

Bespoke solutions for your business

Bespoke solutions for your business services and supplies in any industry.

First Aid Training

WG takes great pride in our business practices and procedures and takes its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

The WG For Business Experience

WG For Business has successfully served clients for 47 years. Over this time we have gained understanding of a vast range of business services and products, and successfully implemented these for clients in a wide range of industries.

Our experience is reflected in the average tenure of its employees exceeding 10 years. Our dedication to customer needs has not gone un-noticed, and has gained various industry accolades and awards.

Most notably, WG For Business was ranked ‘Best Company Over £5m’ at the BOSS industry awards.

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How the WG audit works

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*Please contact us for more than 1000 staff.
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We also provide bespoke options

Services we provide

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We also provide bespoke options

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