Paper Shredding

Secure shredding services

WG offer the following shredding services:

Closed-loop 4-step off site confidential waste solution
Completely secure solution – confidential waste pages destroyed, never opened
Fast turnaround on all projects
Fully certified on completion
Collected in recycling bags

WG for Business : 50 years of confidential waste management 

Our secure off site shredding services are the perfect way to destroy confidential waste documents without compromising on security. Our 4-step closed loop process ensures complete destruction and total peace of mind.

The entire confidential waste collection and destruction process is done in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and industry best practices, ensuring all documents are destroyed beyond recovery. All waste paper is collected in our specially designed recycling bags, and you will receive full certification after each project. Paper disposal is certified and delivered back to you.

We understand that businesses need to ensure confidential documents are destroyed securely, but also quickly – so we make sure our services guarantee a fast turnaround on all projects. With same-day collections available at no additional cost, you can be certain of maximum convenience as well as the best possible security. With our document destruction services, you can rest assured that everything will be handled safely and in accordance with all relevant laws and standards.

ISO 27001 Accredited – Safe, Secure Confidential Paper Disposal 

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No matter what your confidential waste needs are, WG have the perfect solution available. Contact us today to find out more and benefit from our confidential waste disposal services.

We guarantee a comprehensive confidential waste management service that is tailored to your exact needs, ensuring complete customer satisfaction for all of our partners. With WG’s secure off site shredding service, you can rest assured that your confidential documents will be taken care of with the utmost security and speed.

For further information on our secure shredding services, get in touch now to speak to one of our experts. We look forward to helping you protect your confidential data and can organise confidential waste disposal.

Our Confidential Waste Management – 50 Years of Experience 

Our team at WG is dedicated to providing top-quality confidential waste disposal services, tailored to meet your unique requirements. We offer a range of options to ensure that your confidential waste is disposed of securely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Some of the types of confidential waste disposal we offer include:

Paper documents

Electronic media (CDs, DVDs, hard drives)


Uniforms and IDs

ID cards and access cards

Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained professionals ensure that your confidential waste is destroyed beyond recognition, leaving no trace of any sensitive information. We also provide a certificate of destruction for your records.

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Up To Date With Confidential Waste Disposal Technology

At WG, we stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology and security protocols to provide our clients with the best services possible. Our team constantly undergoes training to ensure that we are equipped to handle any type of confidential waste.

So whether you are a business, healthcare facility, or government agency, trust WG for all your confidential waste needs. Our reliable and secure services will give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your sensitive information is in safe hands. Contact us today to learn more about our confidential waste disposal services and how we can assist you in protecting your confidential records. Let WG be your trusted partner in confidentiality.

Don’t risk any data breaches or identity thefts by improperly disposing of your confidential waste. Contact WG today and let us handle it for you. We guarantee a hassle-free, secure, and environmentally friendly disposal process that will give you peace of mind. Trust WG for all your confidential waste needs and experience the difference our professional and reliable services can make. Contact us now to learn more about our confidential waste disposal solutions.

For the ultimate in secure document shredding, look no further than WG. Contact us today and discover our full range of services. We look forward to hearing from you. Alternatively check out this useful guide on data security and management from the Ministry of Justice. You can also read more about our work here: WG For Business News. 

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