Consolidate your spend with WG For Business

Consolidate PPE spend today!

10th May, 2020

There are tremendous benefits by using one trusted supplier for your PPE, hygiene and business supplies.

Not only can your service level be improved and personalised, you may only need to reconcile one invoice and save on overall spend.

Why not call us and see if we can help your business today? WG developed our modern business audit in 2012 and has since saved hundreds of companies across multiple sectors thousands each year by identifying overpriced and underused business supplies & services. Using our 47 years of industry experience, we are quickly able to work with our partners to demonstrate meaningful savings and areas of waste.

We can help control your costs and tailor our solutions to your PPE, hygiene, business services and office supplies spend. Remember, one supply partner means better efficiency and only one consolidated invoice to reconcile and pay.


Text Audit to 88802 to see how we can help now!