Document Storage

Document 13

Safe Document Storage

  • Document Storage – Efficient, reliable storage with flexible retrieval
  • Industry compliant
  • Fully-managed process
  • File-Trak Archive System

Safe Document Destruction

  • Accredited to ISO 27001 industry standard
  • Environmentally friendly recycling programme
  • Certified legal audit trail on completion of destruction
  • Read more about our ethics and ISO27001 international standard complicity here
  • Read about the international standards here

Secure Document Management

  • Scanning & data capture of documents on premises
  • Online secure viewing & hosting options
  • Easy access to documents at the click of a button


Safe Document Storage and Management

  • Safe Document storage: Our real-time stock management system helps you to set re-order levels on the things you need on a regular basis.

We can help you track usage and bulk buy key lines for saving or reduce quantities or lines you use less.

  •  Secure, efficient, reliable safe document management service
  • Scanning and digitisation facility with scan on demand on your premises
  • Filetrak document management software
  • Management of your work intensive processes
  • Secure back-up of your document storage
  • Easy access to safe documents at the click of a button

Experience in Document Storage and Management

We understand the importance of securely storing and managing your documents. That’s why we provide a safe document storage service with all the features you need to keep your vital documents secure and easily accessible. With our real-time stock management system, you can set re-order levels on items you purchase regularly, track usage and buy in bulk where possible.

Our scanning and digitisation facility allows you to scan documents on demand, making it easy to quickly access any document you need, while reducing paper clutter. We also offer secure backup of your documents so that even if you lose the originals, you can rest assured knowing they are safely stored with us.

For complete peace of mind when it comes to safe document storage and management, our secure, efficient and dependable service is the perfect choice. With easy access to documents at the click of a button, you can save time and get all your important paperwork organised quickly and easily. We can also implement Filetrak software so you can keep track of all archived documents and call them from us as you need them.

Managing Document Storage Processes

We can also help you manage your processes more efficiently, such as freeing up resources in repetitive tasks or automating parts of the workflow to improve efficiency. With our services, you can be sure that your documents are safely stored and managed, giving you greater control over your operations. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you streamline your processes and ensure secure document storage.

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