Our environmental responsibility

At WGO we lead by example on green issues. From running a fleet of dual-fuel eco-friendly delivery vans, ISO Accreditation and paper-free deliveries, we pride ourselves on meeting our environmental responsibility. We can assist you too.


WG is committed to helping to reduce our carbon footprint and ensuring we are making the greenest choices possible through improved energy awareness, clearer recycling containers and using recycled resources for our products. WG employs ‘dual fuel’ eco-friendly delivery vans for all first party deliveries we make to clients.

WG also has a company-wide policy to recycle all used toners. These are requested from customers after used and then delivered back to our warehouse facility to be recycled and replaced. We are pleased to note that in excess of 2000 toners have been recycled in an eco-friendly way in 2017.

WG’s commitment to the environment ensures a firm-wide push to promote green products above and beyond other brands and products. Currently we principally supply recycled stationery, paper and office products as a core range. This is supplemented by a wide range of free trade and Forest Stewardship Accredited products based upon sustainability.

The business is fully compliant with UK, Republic of Ireland and EU regulations where they apply. In order to minimise our effect on the Environment we have implemented a Management System that conforms to ISO14001:2004. The Management System includes processes to plan, identify, control and review all environmental activities. Any adverse impacts are dealt with through a robust Corrective Action process to identify and eliminate the cause, thereby preventing further problems in the future. 

WG is committed to continually investing and monitoring the energy used and waste recycled throughout its UK premises. This is to establish what alterations can be made to further improve the businesses impact on the environment. We also monitor the activities and environmental policies of our suppliers to ensure they are working in co-operation with our objectives. We continually seek confirmation that sustainability and environmental welfare is at the heart of their business practices.

Environmental Products

The business currently sells more than 2400 products which have a recyclable content of 50% or more. WG is continually attempting to increase this number of products within the portfolio with the assistance of suppliers.


WG’s delivery boxes are the most efficient way of providing a one way delivery package. The design of the box ensures that the products arrive undamaged to their destination and 95% of the products are packaged in fully recyclable cardboard with other materials kept to a minimum and only used when no other form of packaging can be utilised.

WG is continually investigating ways to improve the business’s waste disposal operations at all locations in order to minimise the effect on the environment. Wherever possible, reusable plastic boxes are within the warehouse and transportation to and from suppliers and local branches.

Printing and Publications

WG continues to make more information available in a digital catalogue format eliminating postage and printing. This is available at wgo.co.uk and provides an environmentally responsible solution. A rebrand of this solution with improved functionality and product range will be available in July 2017.

WG also continues to process customer artwork approvals for publications and mailers using a web based solution, minimising the impact on the environment by reducing the necessity to print sample-marketing material prior to actual order.

The business will continue to evaluate and optimise how it processes Print and Publication orders to ensure it continues to reduce its impact on the environment. 

Our green services

  • Closed-loop recycled shredding service. Re-use your shredded paper
  • We offer thousands of free, recycled, sustainable and fair-trade products.
  • Free collection and recycling of toner/ink cartridges
  • Paper free delivery notifications
  • Expertise in green solution implementation

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