Hygiene in your workplace

Never has there been a more important time to keep your workplace clean and hygienic. WG offers thousands of certified products to eliminate hygiene issues and protect your employees. We can help you to create a Covid Secure Workplace.

We can assist you with soap and sanitiser products, wipes, bespoke solutions for sanitiser stations and cleaning wipe-down regimes. All of these solutions can be provided with a relative ‘hands off’ engagement by your organisation as we apply tried and tested experience to individual organisations.

WG closely advise traditional hygiene methods to prevent spread of germs or poor hygiene but also on newer techniques such as ULV Deep Fogging which allows a practical and relatively quick treatment of large areas with low levels of disruption. When presented as an integrated solution risk to employees and customers is significantly minimised.


Text Audit to 88802 to see how we can help you fulfil your hygiene needs and achieve organisational goals.