WG For Business – reliable leaders in business supplies – achieve ISO 27001 accreditation again!

We are thrilled to announce that we have once again achieved ISO 27001 accreditation! This prestigious certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to information security in business supplies, and it reaffirms our dedication to protecting the data of our valued stakeholders within business services and supplies.

At the heart of our business practices, security and safety have always been our top priorities, and this achievement solidifies our position as a trusted partner in safeguarding information.

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Security at the forefront of our service

WG achieve ISO 27001 again – leads Information Security excellence in business supplies

In today’s digital age, information security is of paramount importance. We understand the concerns and anxieties that surround data breaches and cyber threats, which is why we have implemented rigorous security measures to protect sensitive information.

Achieving ISO 27001 accreditation demonstrates our ability to assess and manage risks effectively, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our systems and data. Our highly skilled team constantly monitors and updates our security protocols, so our stakeholders can have peace of mind, knowing that their information is in safe hands.

Information Availability in business data and services thanks to WG ISO 27001

At the heart of our business practices lies the belief that information should be readily accessible to those who need it, without compromising its security. We have taken great care to strike the delicate balance between robust security measures and ensuring seamless information availability.

ISO 27001 accreditation reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the availability of information, be it for our employees, customers, or other stakeholders. Our systems are designed to provide uninterrupted access to critical data, promoting collaboration, efficiency, and innovation within our organisation and beyond.

At WG, our top priority has always been the security and safety of our stakeholders’ information

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve once again achieved ISO 27001 accreditation. This prestigious certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to information security within the business supplies and services industry. We’re dedicated to protecting the data of our valued stakeholders and being a trusted partner in safeguarding information.

Achieving ISO 27001 accreditation is no easy feat.

It requires comprehensive audits and assessments of our information management systems, ensuring that we’re continually complying with the established international standard for information security management systems.

To maintain our ISO 27001 accreditation, we implement robust security controls across all aspects of our business supplies and services. We ensure that our staff are trained in information security best practices, our systems undergo regular security updates and testing, and our vendors are regularly assessed for their security programs.

All of this is to ensure that the data we handle is safeguarded from cyber threats, data breaches, and other security risks.

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At WG we know that the business supplies world is constantly evolving, and new security threats emerge all the time.

That’s why we take a proactive approach to continually improving our information security program for business data. We prioritise risks and threats, identifying and mitigating them through regular security assessments, frequent security awareness training, and participating in relevant industry initiatives. This way, we can anticipate changes in the security landscape and adapt to stay ahead of potential threats.

Our dedication to information security and business data also extends beyond our own organisation. As a trusted partner, we help our customers achieve their information security objectives. We provide guidance on how to secure their data, and we offer expert advice to ensure they are following the latest security guidelines.

Our commitment to information security is rooted in our belief that, as a trusted business supplier, it’s our responsibility to safeguard our stakeholders’ most valuable asset- their data.

Storing business data is tougher than ever – the main reason for ISO 27001

Overall, our newly-attained ISO 27001 accreditation is not just a demonstration of our adherence to international standards, but also a reflection of our unwavering commitment to information security in business supplies and services. We’ve dedicated ourselves to protecting our stakeholders’ data management from threats, risks, and breaches, and we’re proud to have achieved accreditation once again.

As a trusted partner in business supplies and services, we’ll continue to prioritise information security, ensuring that our stakeholders can trust us to keep their sensitive information safe and secure. Exertis do provide external safe storage, but is this better than our on-site, secure offering?

Information Sharing as Appropriate with business data management

Transparent and effective communication is key in any successful business service and supplies relationship. We understand that sharing information appropriately is essential for collaboration, growth, and building strong relationships with our stakeholders.

With ISO 27001 accreditation, we have established a reliable framework that ensures the responsible sharing of information while maintaining the highest level of security. WG have a comprehensive system to prevent data leakage and protect customer information.

By adhering to best practices and industry standards, we strike the perfect balance between open communication and safeguarding sensitive data. Our stakeholders can trust us to share information responsibly, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration.

Receiving ISO 27001 accreditation once again is a significant accomplishment that highlights our unyielding dedication to information security. We take pride in being at the forefront of industry standards, ensuring that our stakeholders’ data remains safe, accessible, and shared responsibly.

This achievement serves as a testimony to our commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of maintaining the highest level of security in all our reliable business practices. With ISO 27001 accreditation, we continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to protecting the interests and information of our valued stakeholders.

If you need a long-term arrangement for you business services and supplies in a safe and information secure environment – call us today – we can help your business. Alternatively watch our video where we explain why ISO 27001 assists your company:

WG also offer first class secure document storage and safe secure storage at our Kent facility. 

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Andrea VerletAndrea Verlet
10:43 17 May 23
I am leaving the following positive feedback for this company.My account manager, Paul Cunningham, is always very helpful, polite and has a great personality.I would also say that all the other staff I have dealt within this company have been a pleasure to deal with.
We use WG at John Perry Primary School, they provide an excellent service. They always give us competitive prices and are very quick to deal with our requests.
We have been using WG Office for several years and cannot fault their service and products. Paul is always friendly and professional and able to offer competitive prices with next day delivery. Highly recommended
Joanne GroteJoanne Grote
17:56 12 Nov 19
Couldn’t be happier with this company. Very Professional and great customer service. Responds very quickly to queries and quotes. Products are always delivered on time and at very competitive prices especially copier paper! I have used WG for quite a few years now and can’t recommend them enough.
Ardiana DibraArdiana Dibra
12:28 16 Oct 19
Been with WG for almost a year and would highly recommend it. Paul Cunningham is friendly, professional and efficient.Paul has provided us with great quality products at very competitive prices and next day delivery.
steve warrensteve warren
13:10 14 Oct 19
We have been with WG for about 6 months now. The service from Paul is always friendly and professional. Prices are excellent, they beat my usual suppliers on everything and delivery is very quick. Highly recommended.
Muriel MurielMuriel Muriel
17:01 08 Feb 18
Fantastic supplier . Fast delivery extremely friendly . It was one of my most valuable Supplier !
Bonnie TelfordBonnie Telford
13:02 08 Feb 18
I've always had a five-star service from WG Office Supplies, and the products are great quality - would highly recommend!Amazing friendly service and great products! A joy to deal with.
11:03 08 Feb 18
Fantastic five-star service with superb-quality products - would highly recommend
Zoe MorganZoe Morgan
15:42 07 Feb 18
I would highly recommend WG, deliveries are always very prompt! Staff are very helpful!
Chris ArmstrongChris Armstrong
14:09 01 Feb 18
I have been a client of WG for many years now. It all began with a call from James the MD. I was pretty impatient with sales calls but he instantly came across different and so I set him an impossible task to source me some items and thought if they can do that I will start listening. The stock arrived the next day!!! From then on I have taken WG to each of the Luxury Companies I worked for and now they are supplier to my own business. They are committed to cost saving and also to having a relationship. Its not just about staples and tipex its more than that. I now find myself passing my own contacts onto them as I know they will deliver what they promise and my friends and contacts will be happy!