School Supplies

School supplies in the UK

WG supply hundreds of UK schools and academies with school supplies.

We offer a wide range of hygiene, furniture, notice boards, lockers in addition to over 20,000 school supplies products such as exercise books and desks. Our free audit is deigned to spot overspend/under-usage and offer a first class service. We have vast expertise in the educational sector. WG have long-term partnerships with international manufacturers like Exertis and HP to deliver first class product options to schools.

Our recent experience has shown that there are clear benefits to schools of consolidating their wider business services and school supplies spend with us.

WG are ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 accredited for school supplies in the UK.

School supplies - stationery, books, hygiene and furniture

WG offer a selection of outdoor maintenance school supplies for waste and recycling as well as outdoor commercial cleaning equipment such as power washes and window cleaning products. Our tried and tested commercial kitchen products and catering chemical dosing systems have been praised by education establishments across the country. WG also offer eco-friendly cleaners for all kitchen products.

We have a selection of specialist sports, gym and washroom cleaning solutions which includes pool cleaning and general maintenance also. Our professional washroom cleaning provisions include hygiene paper and soap dispensing solutions as well as free ‘on loan’ dispensers’ and effective washroom cleaners.

School Furniture

WG continues to supply hundreds of UK schools with furniture for both classrooms and school offices. We have highly competitive solutions for classroom tables, desks and chairs. We also have great experience in school furnishings and canteen refits and bench seating. In addition WG provides apparatus such as whiteboards, noticeboards, exam desks and anti-bacterial/viral screens for safety.

School first aid

WG has its own specialist first aid training experts who are qualified to teach school staff. Our training is St John’s Ambulance accredited. We can provide comprehensive training which focuses on emergency scenarios for school environments and a comprehensive range of practical skills.

Laminating for teaching in schools

WG supply laminating pouches to hundreds of schools each month. Laminators are a key aspect of school supplies for displays, classroom work, noticeboards and we have an excellent range of quality options in A3, A4 and bespoke sizes.

School supplies - electronic notice boards

Educational institutions are increasingly relying on digital technology to communicate visually in the school environment with pupils, teachers and staff. Messages concerning safety and class information can be easily conveyed via electronic platforms. WG has a broad range of options including multi-screen link up.

Lockers for schools

WG has long supplied a large catalogue of school and university lockers with a selection of locking and storage options. We can provide multi-locking and anti-bacterial surface options for your institution.

School / academy PPE

Just as with every other workplace, WG know safety solutions for schools. We can provide substantial knowledge on fluid resistant masks, disposable gloves, eye protection, fogging and screening.

ISO 14001/27001 in education

WG has developed comprehensive systems to meet the international standards of both ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. This provides comfort for our institutional customers that we handle our environmental and data/cyber security responsibilities with great attention and sophistication. More information on this can be found on our Corporate Social Responsibility page.

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