Back To Work Safely

WG can help you adapt to a New Workplace Normal

We know in these difficult times that returning to your workplace presents a number of challenges. Health and wellbeing, social distancing, work scheduling and COVID management are among the issues that employers and managers must tackle through the process of bringing back staff.

At WG we have significant experience in managing workplace environments and provide full consultation. Recently our diverse client mix and forward thinking team have helped us to develop bespoke solutions for managing returns to workplaces in a wide range of industries.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Redesigning workplaces with one way movements and agile working
  • Fogging workplaces
  • Providing temperature checking equipment with facial recognition
  • Provisions of PPE and anti-viral solutions and stations
  • Office screens

Redesigning your COVID-safe workplace

WG have already introduced new working mechanisms and practices to restructure or redesign your working environment. Whether you need to rezone areas to prevent unintended interactions, one-way movement flows or relocation and installation, we can help.

Our 47 years experience combined with cutting-edge understanding of current workplace requirements enable us to detail and manage the transition to a safe and effective workplace. Our focus upon social distancing, health and practicality is at the forefront of our rezoning and redesign solution.

WG are also happy to store unwanted furniture at our Kent facility as part of the redesign process.

Fogging Solutions

As a starting point for the return to the office environment, a robust fogging of the premises reduces COVID and other virus/bacterial risk.

Our alcohol-free mist service provides a non-toxic and rigorous clean to any office environment. Our experts can help you pick the correct fogging solution while providing up to 99.99% reduction of viral incidence. Our fogging solutions can work on all surfaces, including those for food preparation.

The natural ingredients contain no aquatic toxicity and are readily biodegradable. While providing peace of mind and a safer workplace, our solutions have minimal environmental impact.

Read more about our applications of this solution here.

Temperature checking with optional facial recognition

Businesses can mitigate risk of employee transmission by creating a temperature checking solution across the workplace.

Solutions we have provided involve creating strategic temperature checking machines around the business to determine risk of COVID at work.

If implemented properly this can assist in the isolation process of an at-risk employee or visitor to the business.

WG have already completed many installations of temperature checking devices. Such devices have contained LCD screens, infra-red scanning, ultrasonic distance determination and fever temperature alarm. Algorithmic technology can underpin the machines across a workplace for integrated installation.

In addition our team has expertise in providing facial recognition facilities to assist with shift management and ensuring social distancing obligations are managed.

Read more about our facial recognition solutions here.

PPE provisions & managed solutions

WG can supply in excess of 5000 PPE items to fit your workplace needs. We have successfully supplied tens of thousands of COVID appropriate products including masks, gloves, screens and sanitisers.

Not only can we assist you in buying the correct items as appropriate to your workplace, we can store those products safely to allow you to reduce holdings in your COVID safe workplace. Additionally our stock management tools can ensure you do not over buy or run low on stock because of mis-interpreted usage.

Read more about our PPE offering here.

Workplace screens

WG has successfully installed a wide range of managed screen solutions. We can supply and install a variety of acrylic and Perspex options to suit your requirements,
successful screen installations offer peace of mind and a more comfortable environment for staff to work in. Our experts can provide you with easy clean screens with are not only light, but if installed correctly are durable and secure.

Most pertinent is that screens provide a safe and socially distanced solution to working without affecting the opportunity of employee interaction. Compliance is achieved by restricting the movement of airborne viruses protecting the welfare of staff.

Arrange a consultation with one of our experts or read more about our expert consultations here.

Arrange a Consultation

Arrange a consultation with one of our experts today. We can provide a sustainable and effective managed solution to ensure your business is compliant and your workplace safe.

Additionally we can arrange flexible, bespoke installations and meetings to fit your workplace environment and schedule.

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