Document Storage

Document 13


  • Efficient, reliable storage with flexible retrieval
  • Industry compliant
  • Fully-managed process
  • File-Trak Archive System


  • Accredited to BS 15713 industry standard
  • Environmentally friendly recycling programme
  • Certified legal audit trail on completion of destruction


  • Scanning & data capture of documents on premises
  • Online secure viewing & hosting options
  • Easy access to documents at the click of a button

First Class Document Management

  • Our real-time stock management system helps you to set re-order levels on the things you need on a regular basis.

We can help you track usage and bulk buy key lines for saving or reduce quantities or lines you use less.

  •  Secure, efficient, reliable document management service
  • Scanning and digitisation facility with scan on demand on your premises
  • Management of your work intensive processes
  • Secure back-up of your files
  • Easy access to documents at the click of a button

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