WG are pleased to announce yet another first class safety screen installation for a leading blue-chip client.

With safety at the centre of our planning and installation process, we have vast experience in both perspex and acrylic materials with easy wipe to clean surfaces.

While offering a strong defence against airborne viruses and bacteria, office/workspace screens can offer both strength and clarity. Such screen installations are perfect for workers who sit side by side or back to back for long periods.

While desk screens are our most popular style of installation, more bespoke ‘sneeze screens’ with payment or exchange cut outs are increaingly popular in the commercial environment.

WG has recently provided bespoke easy clean screens to a range of organisations in both the public and private sectors.

While safety and hygiene represents the key to a successful installation, good aesthetics are something our experienced team can bear in mind to ensure a comfortable and workable environment which benefits from, rather than is hampered by the installation.

Feel free to get in touch or read more at https://www.wgforbusiness.com/services/protective-office-screens/